Truth in Transparency

Welcome to For Hawaiians Only, where we are working to bring truth and transparency to Hawaii government and granting. Our research efforts (and those of our contributors) are rooted in our conviction that the people deserve to know how their government operates, how their money is being spent, and how they can make their voices heard.

The Native Hawaiian Grants Project

The Native Hawaiian Grants Project is part of an ongoing effort to determine the efficacy of the millions of dollars spent on grants meant to help Native Hawaiians and the Native Hawaiian community. So far, we have catalogued over 600 state and federal grants, representing hundreds of millions of dollars poured into programs that purport to help Native Hawaiians. How is the money being spent? How effective are these programs? Explore our grants database to find out . . .

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As of April 1, 856 grants totaling approximately $322,220,808.

Approximate Federal spending: $265,666,125

Approximate State spending: $56,554,683

This means each grant averages $376,426.17. If each Native Hawaiian person in Hawaii was just handed an equal share of the money, he/she would get approximately $1342.