Thank You, National Review

The omnibus spending spending bill died last week for lack of support. Senator Inouye had inserted into it a mandate for a study to figure out how to make a federally recognized Indian tribe out of persons who have native Hawaiian blood.

Commenting on that insert, National Review online editorialized: “ That’s a reference to the notorious Akaka Bill, an odious piece of segregationist legislation that would establish a race-based government on the Hawaiian archipelago”. That is a great description. Thank you National Review. It now appears that the proposed Bill is road kill. Now if we could only get some prudent management of the grant activity revealed on this website. That’s the mission, please help.

One thought on “Thank You, National Review”

  1. I had a dream that the Hawaiian sovereignty was given the island of Kahoolawe. OHA was disbanded and used its funds for the Kahoolawe project uniting all native Hawaiians.
    The first thing the Hawaiian’s did was build a de-saltation plant to provide fresh water. Next they brought in the Hawaiian construction workers and built an airport and self-sufficient homes (solar powered) in planned communities. This helped the Aloha Air Cargo and other air carriers that fly in supplies and building material. The next thing that was built was two hotels, one with casino gambling. The casino and hotel were staffed with trained homeless and others will to work. Infrastructure including banks, restaurants, pharmacies, stores, medical and dental services provided jobs for the other native Hawaiians will to relocate to Kahoolawe.
    All the homeless were shipped to Kahoolawe and those who could not be trained for hotel/casino work were to do maintenance work around the island and communities. Mehau would provide the security for the island.

    Now Hawaii had a gambling industry that supported the Hawaiian community and satisfied the local gamblers that would contribute their money to the native Hawaiians instead of to the native indian tribes, Las Vegas and Reno. The tourist were happy because they could come to Hawaii, enjoy the beaches and hospitality and fly to a controlled gambling mecca.

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